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Coinstar Offers Fee-Free Gift Cards in Exchange for Change. whereas consumers will use gift cards to buy.

I chose an card, so it just prints out a redemption code on the receipt.CoinStar is a popular coin machine that lets you cash in loose change.


CoinStar is a coin-counting machine (kiosk) located near the Service Desk at the front of the store.Outerwall cooperated with the US Mint in the introduction of.

Coinstar now offers deposits directly into a PayPal

There are 50 pennies, 40 nickels, 50 dimes, 40 quarters, and 20 halves per roll.The Coinstar Exchange machine was very easy to use, and is IDEAL for those who cannot use their gift cards, or for those of you that need quick money.This topic may have come up before, but I was wondering if any of you use Coinstar to obtain Amazon gift cards, and then use the gift cards to purchase Kindle books.

Do you use Coinstar or other coin counting service (perhaps provided courtesy of your bank).Instead of giving me the Amazon card that I originally wanted, they gave me a ticket for cash minus the roughly 10%.Update Cancel. There are bins inside the Coinstar machine and every one of them is recounted at an automated facility prior to.Outerwall Inc. delivers retail products and services to consumers via self-service interactive kiosks.I never understood why people use the Coinstar machines when they charge you a fee.

Homedepot and many grocery chains let you put change in the self service.

Coinstar Offers Fee-Free Gift Cards in Exchange for Change

There are other gift cards you can choose from but Amazon is my favorite.Coinstar Complaint Review: Coinstar machine undercounted, no disclosure of minimum amount needed to avoid fee Internet.

Many Coinstar machines actually let you exchange your coins for gift. could you not also acknowledge the countless reasons for a person to use a coin counting.The information on the front of the Coinstar machine clearly advertises that service, as well as the terms of.I had never used a Coinstar machine before (I typically take my coins to the bank, where I know the machine counts correctly, but more importantly counts for free), so I wanted to start off slow to ensure that it counted correctly.

Does Meijer offer Coinstar services?

This kind of extortion, will eventually be investigated by the federal government, and they will find themselves in a heep of crap.Their website let me know that they charge a 9.8% fee,. Debt BLAG. Reply.Yesterday, I headed over to the Coinstar machine at my local grocery store with my Coin Sherpa in hand.Hi Michaelcc18, why would you wait a month or even a day to cash in your voucher.Coinstar now offers deposits directly into a PayPal account. consumers can also use the Coinstar machines to withdraw funds from their account.Our Coinstar experience was a lot of fun for the whole family.

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Banks Where You Can Still Count Your Change. By Ann. offer to count spare change can perhaps find a local supermarket and use its Coinstar machine.You can also swap out unwanted gift cards for cash through Coinstar.On the Accuracy of CoinStar. If I were to use coinstar, I would be able to get the certificate right away and be able to cash it in iTunes immediately.

Hacking a CoinStar machine to bypass transaction fees

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The Amazon Gift Card arrived on Thursday, after I called them.

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I would never use it though, because my local credit union (like a small.You know, the ones that sit in the grocery store behind the checkout aisles.A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees.Coinstar Wants To Cash In Your Gift Cards. It sounds like Coinstar Exchange will use similar safeguards, which is either comforting or intrusive and creepy.

Same thing happened to me, I selected the gift card option and only after it counted all my coins did it tell me that the option was unavailable and that I must take cash less 9.8%. I called and told them I would have rolled my own coins if not for the free coin counting that comes with the gift card and they mailed me a check for the fee ammount.

Coinstar, best known for its self-service movie rental kiosks, is holding talks about a potential sale while it also navigates a vending-machine expansion ranging from coffee to photo printing, The Post has learned.

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Money Machine 2 is next generation technology that is faster, has greater coin capacity, is highly accurate and very easy to use.When I pointed out that 8 weeks since Dec 8 is actually today, he said that its actually 8 weeks from when it arrives in Arizona.

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