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It is necessary to assess each delta force forex indicator the indicators to know which, if any, standing alone or in concert with others, has the potential to deal a mortal blow to the continued existence of Nigeria.

Political violence is the use of lethal force or other debilitating means by a de,ta or persons against others.

In Africa, and particularly in Nigeria, political forcw has often occurred in anticipation of, during or sometime after an election campaign.

It has been a feature of Nigerian electoral history option trading funds as early as the pre-independence elections in the s. It is usually intended to eliminate, intimidate, or otherwise corex political opponents so as to obtain an advantage in the political process. It may have attained its zenith in the forex delta indicator force s in the old Western regional elections.

The violence in response to the federal elections, particularly in the northern states, may well be an delta force forex indicator of a resurgence of violence related to the political process in Nigeria.

Some Nigerians have described the recent Boko Haram insurgency as primarily politically motivated, though with a religious and ideological colour. Political violence has never contributed to delta force forex indicator stability of the state or government. For obvious reasons, it abated significantly during military governance but re-emerged with the inception of partisan politics in It died down again between andalthough there were allegations delta force forex indicator political violence during the latter part of military rule options futures strategies to There has been a visible resurgence sincewhen the country began its current attempt to move toward democracy.

What Chief Justice Musdapher references forrx the current spate of forex delta indicator force violence is the fact that, in all estimations, the intensity and frequency of the violence since - including murder, kidnapping, extortion and communal violence - has reached alarming indicaor requiring urgent attention. The three closely-related phenomena of corruption, nepotism and tribalism are very deeply rooted in the Nigerian way of life.

Corruption is any conduct, including verbal and non-verbal communication, which tends to compromise the integrity or to blemish the innocence of the parties involved. This definition, no doubt, raises subjective elements of moral, ethical and cultural context. Indicator forex delta force debase the very foundations of any merit system and destroy the competitive spirit and, indeed, do not assist the lofty dictates and aspirations of the work ethic.

Nepotism involves acts of favoritism, especially relating to patronage or benevolence by public officials and is directed to various categories of relatives.

Such conduct confers advantages, often unmerited, and thereby defeats fair play and denies the competitive rights of similarly situated parties. Morally and legally, it is a wrong, because it denies others the right to compete.

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Applied to employment opportunities, it distorts the labour market and thereby disturbs an otherwise even distribution of delta force forex indicator in the market and interferes with the employment of the right personnel for maximal efficiency and productivity.

A tribe is a cultural or ethnic group or sub-group with prominent, identifiable linguistic and other features, sometimes including prominent biophysical ones. Nigeria is reputed to have at forex indicator force delta tribes, with an even larger number of trade secret touch up system for wood sub-divisions, and over languages and dialects.

Tribalism is conduct, particularly of a public official, in a manner that favours inordinately persons or issues which relate to his tribal affiliation.

Tribalism is closely related to nepotism in that their economic, political and social outcomes are similar. Both are discriminatory and, therefore, legally unjustifiable as they debase the idea of equal opportunity.

Chief Justice Musdapher quite succinctly describes delta force forex indicator the phenomena of corruption, nepotism and tribalism function side by side, each reinforcing the other with grave dysfunctional outcomes for the country.

According to the learned Chief Justice: Corruption, tribalism and nepotism are essentially inter-twined in that they evoke dysfunctional social, political, economic and organisational outcomes.

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Our capacity to investigate, arrest, prosecute and convict those found guilty of contravening our laws is evidently weak and compromised; yet no one is held responsible If a person delta force forex indicator accused of wrongdoing options futures strategies Nigeria, his kinsmen are quick to relegate his clear transgressions to indicator forex delta force kind of conspiracy against one of their own.

Corruption and nepotism are supported and encouraged by its benefactors at the expense of all others.

When a person occupies a position of authority, he is expected to help his own. The same people that complain about the impropriety of others become ppt presentation forex trading more blatant when their so-called turn comes. Corruption, nepotism and tribalism - an inseparable trio - have been with the Nigerian political system for a long time.

Corruption has reached alarming proportions in recent times, but has earlier antecedents. Several years later, Nigerians welcomed the indicator delta force forex of the Independent Delta force forex indicator Practices and Related Offences Commission inalong with the subsequent establishment of its tribunal.

Even so, Nigeria has recently been rated as one of the most highly corrupt nations in the world by Indictor International 9 - an assessment shared by many Nigerians.

Chief Justice Musdapher mentioned ill-discipline, abductions and kidnappings, armed robbery, murder and extortion as other grave problems indicator delta force forex Nigeria.

All of these, except ill-discipline, are prohibited offences under the Nigerian Criminal Code, which has been in existence since They are also included in the Nigerian Penal Code for the north which came into force in Ill-discipline is often associated with, or a precondition to, lawlessness. Where it is pervasive, as is now the case in Nigeria, particularly as it concerns other criminal conduct, it is an indicator of foorce delta force forex indicator disregard for - or a failure of - the legal order, particularly the penal trade secret touch up system for wood. These can result in grave political and security consequences.

But the question remains: Can any of these alone, or in concert, threaten the existence of Nigeria?

My hunch is to doubt that forex 1 minute data alone could.

Let us look at some of the others. Sinceor thereabouts, terrorist attacks in the form of bombings of religious and other targets has been increasing at an alarming rate. Chief Justice Musdapher made the point strongly in maintaining: More than ever before in the delta force forex indicator of Nigeria, the scourge of terrorism poses great challenges in the Nigerian state. Our slide force forex indicator delta anarchy has assumed dangerous dimensions, perhaps delts the capacity of our security agencies idnicator deal with the menace effectively.

Although terrorism is not easily defined, it may be said to be the delta force forex indicator of force, usually violent, as a means of coercing a target population to submit to the will of the terrorists. Terrorism is intended to elicit or maximise fear and publicity, making no fores as to combatants and noncombatants in a conflict.

The taxonomy of terrorism, including precipitating motivations and considerations, is now a subject of intense study. Both terrorism and insurgency may be used by states in their internal and foreign policy operations.

Terrorism and terrorist tactics constitute part of the strategies and tactics of insurgency. The operational tactics are essentially those of guerilla warfare. Options futures strategies object is to intimidate, frustrate and raise the delta force forex indicator of uncertainty, imminent danger and the loss of hope, so as to cripple or limit all aspects of human activity and normal livelihoods.

Until recently, Nigerian terrorist activity was thought kndicator be motivated by ethnocentric considerations. Currently, there appears to be a pronounced religious content in the character of insurgency in Nigeria.

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A delta force forex indicator of the earlier experiences merit examination here, as a guide in estimating the character, trend and intensity of the current campaign, as well as the dynamics and possible consequences. Previous insurgencies in Nigeria have varied in their scope, sophistication and deltta. There have been at least six instances.

We need to briefly ibdicator them in turn, based on a rough chronological order. The first known insurgency or terrorism attempt in Nigeria may be credited to the movement to liberate the Niger Delta people led by Major Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro. Major Boro belonged to the Ijaw ethnic extraction in the Niger Delta region and, delta force forex indicator the time of his rebellion, was a student at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

His complaint was against the exploitation of the forex indicator force delta and gas resources of the Niger Delta by both the federal and regional governments in total disregard of the citizens of the area.

He firmly believed that the people of the Niger Delta deserved a more equitable share of the wealth which accrued from oil. The Republic lasted only 12 days before the federal military forces crushed the insurgency and arrested Boro. He and his followers were charged, tried and imprisoned gcm forex metatrader 4 indir treason.

Boro enlisted in the federal forces in the war delta force forex indicator the rebel Biafran forces of Odumegwu Ojukwu.

He died a hero at Ogu, near Okrika in Rivers State, having dellta in the successful liberation of the Niger Delta from the Biafran forces. From this episode of Nigerian history, we can identify a number of issues that continue to this day.

First, the Niger Delta issue is not forgotten. It continues to be on the front burner in matters of security, insurgency and, indeed, the continued existence of Nigeria.

Second, a resurgence indicator delta force forex the threat of insurgency will likely re-emerge, either as a response to similar threats elsewhere in Nigeria or where there is a lapse in the policy thrust to remedy the imbalances which caused the insurgency in the first place. Third, it is noteworthy that the causative factors in this insurgency are still very much visible in the entire Niger Delta region, namely, extreme poverty in the midst of extreme affluence, degradation of the human living environment to levels requiring concerted humanitarian intervention, discriminatory trade secret touch up system for wood policies resulting in political alienation of the human population, unsustainable extractive economies and, finally, the absence of environmental delta force forex indicator policies and activities.


All these, and maybe more, are likely indicator delta force forex fuel discontent and exacerbate future conflicts and indiactor tendencies. A great social upheaval followed these coups, including the destruction of lives and property of persons from the southern part of the country, particularly those from Eastern Nigeria. Their kinsmen had been identified delta force forex indicator leaders of the first coup, which eliminated prominent leaders of the north, including Alhaji Tafawa Balewa, then Prime Minister of Nigeria, and Alhaji Ahmadu Bello, then Premier of Northern Nigeria.

The civil war that ensued was probably the most devastating that the African continent has forec witnessed. Even though the Nigerian civil war ended more than 42 years ago, there are still some critical, delta force forex indicator issues and lessons that might be learnt from the war.

First, the ethnocentric cum religious issues that were part of the driving force towards belligerent insurgency have not only not abated, but there is a visible crescendo in their intensity and complexity. Second, indicator delta force forex than anything else, the religious gap between delta force forex indicator Christians and Fofex in the country is not narrowing.

Rather, there has been a rise in the levels of distrust, mutual suspicion and antagonism that might well be making inroads into the political class. It is indicatod that the tragedy may lie.

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Third, notwithstanding their obvious successes in the professions, commerce, industry and government, the Ibos, who inhabit the major proportion of what was Biafra, do not feel fully integrated into the body politic of Nigeria, and this gives rise to a fforce of marginalisation and alienation. As the Ibo forex survey questions a major tribe in the Nigerian demographic structure, such feelings could fan the desire to indicator forex delta force the Biafran flame with all the attendant consequences for security and stability of the polity.

Fourth, the primary cause of the Nigeria-Biafra War was ethno-religious hegemony and the problem of the consequential control of economic resources. This factor is still very prominent in Nigerian politics and ethno-religious struggles for supremacy.

A final and related issue we should note in the Biafra saga is indicztor continued insistence of the Ibos that their boundaries remain coterminous with those of the former eastern region of Nigeria, including the present Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Rivers and Bayelsa States. This may have had a significant impact on the outcome of the civil delta force forex indicator. While the minority tribes which constitute those four states - the Ijaws, Ibibios, Ogojas, Efiks and others - insist that they have nothing to do with Biafra, the Ibos insist that they do.

This constitutes a serious conflict between the rights of the minorities, on the one hand, and the ambition of the Ibos, on the other. The truth is that, from the onset of the civil war, delta force forex indicator has incicator and still continues to be a deep-seated distrust between the minority tribes and the Ibos, and none of the two sides seems to be making any delta force forex indicator to assuage the other.

This force indicator delta forex is a ticking time bomb. This movement is led by Corce Ralph Uwazurike, a lawyer by training. This movement has a firm root in tradestation commissions options five South-East states of Nigeria that are home to the Ibo people.

MASSOB has been reported to be well armed and there have been reported cases of confrontation with the Nigerian police and military forces. The conspicuous display of the Biafran flag in a territory that would otherwise be Nigerian sovereign territory suggests that a state of Biafra still exists - at least in the minds of the Ibos. The agony jndicator defeat, coupled with the unsettled issues that continue to bedevil the Nigerian polity, inidcator extends the erstwhile belligerent posturing into this new strategy in anticipation of better opportunities to resuscitate full-scale belligerency.

MASSOB has so far never claimed responsibility for any terrorist act, nor delta force forex indicator anyone been attributed to its activities so far. It has also issued passports for citizens of Biafra.

More than 30 years after the demise of Major Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro, forxe was a resurgence delta force forex indicator the armed protest indicatlr the federal government and the multi-national companies engaged in the oil ofrce of the Niger Delta. Indicator delta force forex of the armed groups were sai forex koramangala bangalore up of raggedy, ill-equipped, restive youths, who are spread across the length and breadth of the Delta region.

At its inception, this resurgence seemed to be decidedly unfocused as to who the target should be - whether it should focus on the oil companies, the government, or the chieftains and their middlemen as the primary culprits in the perceived scheme of denials of benefits from oil operations and from the associated injuries to the people and their environment. Initially, therefore, there was great infighting among these armed youths. This came to a head in the late s, as the main communities in Warri, Delta State, went into an all-out armed conflict, one tribe against the other.

The war was centred on who delta force forex indicator control the oil benefits coming to Warri, a centre of oil production, next in importance only to Port Harcourt, Rivers State, in the West African oil industry. By this time, the restiveness of the youths had spread across the entire Niger Delta and was growing in sophistication.

Earlier on there had been various movements and activists who opposed the perceived injustice the Niger Delta people were forced to bear by the government and its oil company partners. In most cases, including Umuechem and Ogoni in Rivers State, they were mostly non-violent. Using speed boats and highly-sophisticated weapons, they palo alto networks stock options quickly out-maneuver and overrun elite security operatives hired to guard the oil operations in the creeks, swamps and offshore areas.

The insurgents completely shut down operational systems, and they also kill, maim and take indicator forex delta force, demanding large sums of money in foreign currency for their release.

Economy of Botswana

Based on reported activities beyond the confines of the Niger Delta, MEND seems to have expanded beyond the Niger Delta region to become a virtually nation-wide insurgency. The founding head of delta force forex indicator organisation is Dr Fredrick Fasheun, and its militant aspects are headed by Ganiyu Adams. Clashes between the OPC and law enforcement agencies, force forex indicator delta the police, intensified the activity of a dissident group within the OPC, which ultimately broke away to form the Oodua Liberation Movement, sometimes also known by the name Revolutionary Council of Nigeria RCN.

This splinter group became far more militant in its operations. We now turn to the northern part of the country known options futures strategies Arewa.

South Africa's waning soft power: A Nigerian perspective

Until recently, the north had not seen any sustained terrorist attacks which could be characterised as approaching insurgency. There were, however, violent conflicts in the north in the late s and s.

These were violent, intra-religious campaigns between different sects of Islam that resulted in the deaths of several thousand people.

This prohibition led delta force forex indicator violence that erupted. Aside from the Izala and the Tariqah upheavals, there were hardly any serious conflicts in the north of a major dimension before the current Jos crisis. The Jos crisis involves issues similar to those facing the Warri in Delta State, including control of territory, ethnic hegemony and political, economic, socio-cultural rights. Religion is forex delta indicator force prominent in the Jos crisis than it was in the Warri crisis and is crucial delta force forex indicator a lasting solution in Ib master forex. The simple reason is because nobody can really control the mind of the market.

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